Friday, August 14, 2009

When Nike meet Greeny

That evening, as usual, Jiawen back from outside.
I welcomed her at the gate and of course I was hoping for a nice yummy treat as reward!!

She said to me "My good boy Nike, I've got something for you, but you have to wait patiently after I done combing you k?"

Of couse I'm a good boy (YUM!)

Yes I saw Jiawen taking something out of her bag...... must be my new treats!

*slurp slurp*

And.. thing that she hold on her hand, was this little noisy fella.

So this is GREENY, with his evil eyes and horns, you know he isn't very nice to be friend with.
But however, hes my new friend! A birthday present for meeeee!!!

He loves to play hide n seek with me!!!

Sometimes I found him under the table!!!!

Or on the sofaaa!!!!!!

And he likes to pretend to be cool....

*Shhhhh... Silenceeeee...*





Aww so much fun playing with Greeny!!!!

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