Friday, August 14, 2009

When Nike meet Greeny

That evening, as usual, Jiawen back from outside.
I welcomed her at the gate and of course I was hoping for a nice yummy treat as reward!!

She said to me "My good boy Nike, I've got something for you, but you have to wait patiently after I done combing you k?"

Of couse I'm a good boy (YUM!)

Yes I saw Jiawen taking something out of her bag...... must be my new treats!

*slurp slurp*

And.. thing that she hold on her hand, was this little noisy fella.

So this is GREENY, with his evil eyes and horns, you know he isn't very nice to be friend with.
But however, hes my new friend! A birthday present for meeeee!!!

He loves to play hide n seek with me!!!

Sometimes I found him under the table!!!!

Or on the sofaaa!!!!!!

And he likes to pretend to be cool....

*Shhhhh... Silenceeeee...*





Aww so much fun playing with Greeny!!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

1 year old jor!

It was last week, Saturday

my day out to Cyberpark again!

This time I crashed into TC gang's game testing session!

Yeah many super duper friendly and cute aunties and uncles!
They are all jiawen's friend, so are nike's friend too!!!

Nike being very good boy that day, what I do is only chase balloons and take photography.
so where's my treat? :P

Jiawen made me put my leash on, she knew i run faster than F1 :P

Mr. Balloon i gonna catch ew!!

Sweet crystal hugging me !

I managed to join the group photo :D
Please tag me in fb haha

This uncle Tze Ing like to play rude with me >.<
Stand up for animal and stop cekik me alreadyyyy~~

Tomorrow nike going to turn 1 year old!

My wishes are to have drumstick for every meal,
I want a girl friend that as sexier as megan fox
and the third wish is a *secret*

They say keep your third wish as a secret can make all ur wishes come true! :D
Happy Birthday to myself!

I, from tomorrow on, have OFFICIALLY TURN ADULT!!! OW YEAH!!

see you, Ciaoz~

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Update 280609

Human are very stubborn animals.

They will never give up to train you to be able to perform some tricks.
Come on la Jia Wen!
those tricks i know well already
I use ass think also know how to do!
Don't keep on ask me to do the same tricks anymore..
I very lazy to layan you sometimes,
I give you face only i tell u
...of course and..
those yummy little sausage treats! YUM!

and hor you know Jiawen started her internship already.
she got less time teman me now. sob.
i hate promises.
dun ever promise me anything again!
gimme treat instead :D

well actually today i want to blog about how i was bullied by a...
...super evil creature!
they have scary eyes and long tail!
Jiawen call it a "cat"
but i think it is a Meow.

My family keep on laughing at me of my cowardness.

A dog was bullied by a cat??

What happened was i barked at the meow who hide under the car
the meow, instead of get scared away, rush to me and scratched on my nose.
aw wow..
my nose bleed T.T
now you know they are powerful!

I could bite them!
but biting is not allowed as Jiawen has always told me.
if only i was allowed to bite...
these meows die gao gao!

and what even worse was the meow came inside my house and took my food
>.< bad meows shhu shu!!
ow yayayayaya! before i end the story,
jiawen ask me to provide some picture in the blog wo..
of else peoples dun read my blog! Hmng!


OKay! Take one! Poor me get put on the chair. Just because Jiawen wanted to take a picture of recent me.

*Lemme downnn~~~!!*

*should i jump or not >.<*


*Don't want shoot me la, i shy*

*Maybe I can get down from here?*

*or maybe here?*


(Looked at Jiawen) *Could you let me down, pleasessss~*



*Please pls pls~~*

and finally i get down from the chair!

Bite bone first!
It is good for your teeth!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Jiawen promised to bring me to cyberpark for a walk today..
Seems like.. she broke her promises.. AGAIN!
She said the same thing last week.. and last last week!

Bz.. bz.. bz..

Ya lah you only care about your assignment lah!
Why don't you rear your assignments as your pet then.
damn you.

You better give me dog treat as repay! hmng!

Friday, May 1, 2009

First time homed

Hello I am here again.

Today I'm gonna tell you about my history.

If you read this post before bed then this can be your bed time story.. hehehe

Last year September, when I was playing with my sister, a girl come into the pet store with her mom. She crouched infront of my window, staring at us. Immediately my sister and I were jumping while shouting "Wroooff wroofff!!" ("Pick me! Pick me!")

She laughed.
She talked to Edwin(the pet shop owner) and Edwin let her to hug us.
This is the first time I hugged by Jiawen.
The first thing I did was to smell around her to see if there is any danger in this girl!
Who knows if shes an evil!

She seems happy when I licked her, her mom too. She thought I really likes her.. Perasan betul.

After that. She talked to Edwin and left. I was disappointed cause I was not picked while made me wasted a lots of saliva!

However, the next day she came back and take me home~!! Hehe

This is the picture taken at the pet store. My very first picture. During my 7 weeks old.

After arrived at a place that I supposed to call it my "New home".
I was scared and I dare not to discover around the house.
Jiawen encourage me to look around. But I rather choose to stick to her.

"I will follow you~~"

They placed my inside a cage, with all soft pillow and clothes... and a yellow duck toy. I called her "Ducky"

This is the place I supposed to sleep.

But I rather sleep on the floor cause this is much cooler and comfortable compare to the cage.

"The floor is so lovely"

Do you know how small I was during my 7 weeks old?
This small:

Small compare to now la.. hahaha

I can't even climb up a stairs cause my legs were too short!

"Aiyaya.. Play cheat one.. like that I can never go to upstairs adi!"

They forced my to look at the camera

"Don't bully me just because I'm short!"

Someone say I look handsome in this picture:

I think so.. hiak hiak!

This is my paws!

"I will have to sign any official document with this paw in the future!"

So, this is Jiawen and I. She never realize how heavy her head was. Dam!

Oh yah, Meet my friend Ah Yam (Jiawen call her Ayam)
My furry fiend friend!

And a few days later. I was visited by some aunty uncle Jiawen's friends!

This is me and character of "The Ring" hehehhehehehe

No lah.. Its Xiang hue Jie Jie sayang-ing me!
She said She has over come her phobia towards animals, by touching me wor! :D

Then is Uncle Jan

I like him! I sense familiarity by his touch. Hehe

Xiang Hue handles me with care.

Crystal prefer to play with furby yam.

First time visited by friends. So happy!!! Next time I go visit u all har... See ya! *Woof*

Story end.

I am naugtily ever after...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Introducing Nike


I finally have my own blog!!!!!

HI There! Nice to meet you all!

I'm Nike the Australian Silky Terrier
For more information on my species, please click here

Personal Details:
Name: Nike
Sex: Male
Age: 8 months
Colour: Tan n blue

First of all. Why I was named Nike? I don't know.. Please ask my owner Jiawen! She also 3838 one la.. haha

but I did noticed that she loves me very much!
because I saw her wearing shoes that with my name "Nike"!
At first I thought that was shoes that prepared for me for future use (I may grow bigger!), that's why they marked it with my name! But until now only I know that is actually her own shoes because I realized I will never grow bigger than a human, except for new born human babies!

hmm I havnt actually touch a human babies but I have seen them from far.
Jiawen never let me touch human baby cause she was afraid that I might harm them. (hehe.. Lick is not consider a harm right?) They are so cute!

By the way, I'm currently 8months old. My date of birth is 3rd of August 2008 and I'm a Male!
Remember this okay? Cause I want birthday present from you! :p
I think Jiawen will organize a birthday party for me during my 1 years old birthday!Come and celebrate with me k? I LOVE to make friends!

So far I only have a few dog friends.. but the point is.. they are all females

But I do have a lots human friends! Many peoples sayang me. I'm very happy being together with my family. They love me and I love them too!
Although sometimes Jiawen's Mom was really scary and..... she BEATS!
but somehow she bought me drumstick ~~ I LOVE DRUMSTICKS (~.~) LOVE IT TO DEATH!

Without DRUMSTICK, My Tummy LIFE is EMPTY! :D

hehe.. It's Dinner time! I need to be feed already!

See ya!

Do support and check up my blog often ya! *Woof* (Ciaoz)